Yanako RPGs is a game developement LLC based out of Tokyo, Japan. My team and I create retro games from scratch, and offer game development services with a decade of experience in the freelancing field.


The next Monster Tamer to rock the market!

Dokimon is a video game that has been made using the MonMae game making engine. It's about curious little creatues that suddenly started appearing all around the globe! These monsters wreaked havoc on Earth as they took over ecosystems, and terrorized human countless civilizations. After many years, humans, animals, and monsters had learned to live alongside one another, mostly..

Earth has changed rapidly since the arrival of these mystical beings! Some harmless, and cute as a teddy bear, whilst others hold the capability to alter massive areas, establishing hostile territories to reign over! Many cities have been since been taken over, and in some cases completely destroyed by the less docile species.


A monster taming game that takes place in the cyber-kinetic future! (Currently on Hiatus)

Power on your AR Gear and jump in to the not so colorful world of Nuumonsters! Play the role of Yana or Yasaka, and fulfill your dream to become the highest ranking Nuumonsters dueler the region.

Nuumonsters is quite literally the FIRST game I ever made and published. Thus, I intended to keep it simple, and boy was it simple. However, to my surprise I was able to build up quite the decent little community thanks to this game. Dokimon is the successor to what Nuumonsters brought on^^